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Custom Land Based Private Tours Augmented with Small Plane and Boat Trips.

We’ll design a tour that fits your dates, needs and desires. Don’t get stuck in someone else’s itinerary WITH them. Contact US

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On this site, aside from information about Galapagos private tours and Galapagos private vacations with our company you will find information from the National Park Service, The Charles Darwin Foundation and The Galapagos Conservation Trust. Their own web sites have far more extensive libraries of information. We have included items we felt directly pertinent to your travel. There are several movie clips for your amusement and Michael D’Orso has allowed us to excerpt several sections of his book Plundering Paradise, a non-fiction narrative about the Galapagos published in 2002.

Come To Galapagos, developing sustainable economies in the Galapagos. Travel as part of the solution with Come To Galapagos Tours. Our Staff Welcomes YOU!

On our Galapagos tours, you can get up close and personal with giant turtles
How about a lift over to the watering hole?
Come to Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands today are very much like what the Hawaiian Islands were 200 years ago, except in Spanish and with a few other worldly characters thrown in. Our Galapagos tours provide close encounters with iguanas and other exotic animal life 150 years ago, Charles Darwin arrived here in The Galapagos, actually here on this island of San Cristobal and his experience changed his perception of life, history and the universe. This is that kind of place; dream like for naturalists, sportifs, honeymooners and especially families. Its all here, the animals and birds unique to these islands, the history, exhibits, warm, unbelievable clear water, beaches, coves and bays, the swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, bike and mountain treks, world class surfing, diving and open ocean fishing and there’s a staff of professional, multi-lingual guides ready to show/escort you to it all personally. “The  Goal Of Our Galapagos Tours Is To Be Sure You Have The Time Of Your Life!” Sea Lions are just part of the Galapagos tours package! Come taste the Bienvenidos (Welcome) of San Cristobal. Wild horses, pigs and tortoises roam the highlands. In the pueblo the church bells ring for weddings, to call people to mass, for emergencies and for deaths. The sea lions bellow on the beach, the sea turtles take a breath, the Boobies (blue footed) a pause. At night the seals curl up on the doorstep of the bank.

San Cristobal, Galapagos

There is one road that crosses the island, rutted and slow going, but from there the wild horses and giant tortoises can be seen, the coffee and bamboo farms toured and the views from the highlands of these pristine islands can bring a moments peace to troubled hearts. In the warm, clear sea, the seals come to play with you, the sea turtles, reef fish, rays and small sharks are often as curious about you as you are about them. The sea iguanas and seals on the beaches and rocks behave as if you belong there, as you will if you make the trip. Click Here To See Tours

Galapagos Underwater Beauty Galapagos Iguana Tanning Galapagos Blue Footed Boobie

Most of the tourists we see here, (outside our clients) we see through the glass of the buses in which they are hermetically sealed as they are whisked from their airplanes, to the cruise ships where they are shown a canned version of the Galapagos in the company of as many as eighty of their brethren. If you could visit Hawaii 200 years ago, would you want to do it on a cruise ship, seven islands in seven days? If so, we wish you nothing but the best.

Most Galapagos Visitors Crammed Into Buses Most Galapagos Visitors Crammed Into Buses

Our Galapagos Tours and Vacations are hands on, feet in the water (wet), family oriented (ours and maybe yours) encounter with the real Galapagos, not a Disneyland ride. You will be entering our world, our family and friends. Get off the beaten path. Come enjoy the Galapagos as only native Galapagenians can deliver them! Plan ahead! Our resources are limited. Please book early so that we may accommodate you fully.