Friends and Family June 2016

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Dear Friends and Family,     June 2016


There are many things to celebrate about the Galapagos, however to my mind the principle thing to celebrate is the gift they have given to mankind’s understanding of who we are, where we came from and why we are the way we are.


The simple existence of the species that do exist in the Galapagos forces religious, metaphysical and scientific questions. Big picture stuff; things to think about every morning when you wake and night before you sleep. Are we (humans) simply products of evolution, newly arrived to the Galapagos/naturally occurring rather than an invasive species? Is there a cosmic design/unifying element (God or gods)? What about the choices we make?



Here in the Galapagos attempting to protect threatened species (they all are here) while managing cultural, economic and political realities… I, even after fourteen years of living here am often stopped dead in my tracks, wondering. That’s the Galapagos; these islands have protected and nurtured various species of plants and animals, in the same way they are harboring me and my son, helping the economy of Ecuador…


For all of the grousing I do about the way the government treats conservation of the Galapagos; we do now have some of the best medical facilities in the country, some spiffy new roads and generous energy subsidies do keep costs down. This has been a miraculous place to raise my son; aside from the natural wonders he is surrounded with, there’s virtually no crime, traffic or pollution. I was allowed to create a business which has afforded me the ability to spend a lot of time with him (I’m certain I changed more diapers than his mom) and I owe all of this to the country of Ecuador and its people.


Hope all is well with you and those that you love.


Attached is a photo we could have taken any day, but this one happens to be the end of the last day of Soup’s eighth year circling the sun on this planet.

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