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501C3 Charities Raise Funds and Promote Environmental Awareness Together!

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“We don’t inherit the world from our fathers, we borrow it from our sons.”

Customized, private, community based tours of the Galapagos are not only a “Hot Ticket” item at fund raisers they also allow the winner/future visitors to experience the Galapagos as only the natives can present them, support truly sustainable economic practices within the community (farmers, fishermen, artists, etc.) while minimizing visitor impact on the environment. Because these tours are private they can be set up with almost limitless “add ons” (days, participants, activities, etc.) 

The Diveheart organization (diveheart.org) developing and promoting adaptive diving for people with physical and emotional challenges has used the following tour for fundraising, click here.


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Below are details regarding a standard tour auction item. We can of course tailor an auction item to your needs. Please contact Rick 949-209-9669, 593-982371861 or rick@cometogalapagos.com. Click here for standard auction item itinerary.

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Come to Galapagos, Basic  Auction Tour 2016 Instructions for 501C3 Charities

This is a reserved auction item for $5,500 ($5,000 to

vender net to charity)


1. Written notice to vender of intention to auction item.

2. Agreement to auction multiple items, if appropriate.

3. If item sells, charity remits funds to Come to Galapagos.
Charity receives “Winner’s Certificate”.

4. Auction winner contacts Come to Galapagos with appropriate “Winner’s Certificate number” to arrange tour.


  1. Power point presentation available on request
  2. Come to Galapagos, LLC (in the US, banking with Compass BBVA) and Come to Galapagos CIA, LTDA (in Ecuador, banking with Banco Pacifico) has been in business for more than ten years.
  3. There is a web page with information for fundraisers http://www.cometogalapagos.com/501c3-charities/
  4. There is a web page for the auction winners which details options and availability. This they can visit this while at auction. http://www.cometogalapagos.com/auction-winners/ ‎
  5. Available to answer questions from auctioneer, charity coordinator, etc. contact info. Rick Schleicher (949) 209-9669 cell 593-982371861 office 593-5-2521-251, email rick@cometogalapagos.com Skype cometogalapagos
  6. Depending on date and location of fundraiser, representatives of Come to Galapagos would be happy to attend.
  7. Testimonials at http://www.cometogalapagos.com/galapagos-vacation-testimonials/