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We Operate THE Most Ecologically Sound Galapagos Travel Option

Locally owned and operated (Come To Galapagos CIA.LTDA, ruc#1792072298001), licensed and insured in the US (Come To Galapagos, LLC, CST#2083876-40), promoting sustainable economic practices within the Galapagos. Come to Galapagos customized land based tours, Galapagos family vacations and Galapagos tours have infused more than a million dollars into the local economy. With the exception of insurance, air flight and a very small sales budget every one of your tourist dollars ends up in the hands of the inhabitants, the true custodians of these islands. We are unlike the majority of other companies offering Galapagos tours where less than 5% of the visitor generated income touches the hands of the inhabitants. Every effort is made to purchase locally grown produce, goods and services and to promote “best practices” with regard to farming, fishing, water use and disposal of wastes etc. We are with your help actually changing things for the better.

“About us, should be a story about the people of San Cristobal that work with us or as we’ve come to think of ourselves, “The Family Come To Galapagos”. Our job, aside from marketing, correspondence and accounting is basically the coordination of services. And while we personally meet and check in daily with our “hearts”, these services are provided by our friends and neighbors.

For all of us the goals are simple.”

Our Goals:

  • To provide visitors the option of experiencing the Galapagos on a more intimate and comfortable level than would otherwise be available to them on traditional “cruise tours”.
  • To empower the true custodians of these islands (the inhabitants) to not only take part, but take the lead in the care of their islands and the future of their families and culture as they transition to the sustainable economy of tourism.
  • To educate visitors about: the history, natural wonders and the ecological/political challenges confronting these islands.
  • To have a good time, enjoy and share where we live with you.

Our job begins with getting you here, the family “Come To Galapagos” job is to be sure you have the vacation of your life and send you back with good stories, photos, and fond memories. We are a family company with strong community and local government ties and years of experience in tourism.

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