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Potential and Actual Galapagos Auction Winners

You’re invited to visit the Galapagos! Come experience the Galapagos as only the locals can present them in a community based, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

This is not a packaged tour.

Five private, customized days in the Galapagos for two is a priceless experience.

watch for charging giant tortoises on Galapagos island tours playful sea lions Galapagos island tours

Expandable and Flexible: We can work with you to accommodate a longer stay or more participants (bring the kids!). We are extremely flexible with regard to dates, offer many optional activities: SCUBA, special needs, mainland tours Machu Picchu or the Amazon, etc. The Galapagos is not just one of the places where we offer tours. We live here. It is our home, the base from which we take the best care of our guests possible.


This is a private customized experience which involves some personalized planning, however the base outline of your stay has you arriving San Cristobal, Galapagos. All flights arrive mid-day, welcome lunch and choice of: fishing with locals, kayaking, snorkel adventure or tour of the interpretive center. All accommodations are locally owned and operated bed and breakfast/Inns.

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Day two choice of all day boat trips to Leon Dormido or Isla de Lobos to snorkel with sea lions, rays, marine iguanas, sharks, etc., all day trip to the far side of the island (giant tortoises and local farm) or “Sea Turtle Vision”, which involves snorkeling at several coves to stalk the sea turtles.


Day three small plane flight to Isabela, few people get to see the Galapagos from these small planes, visit flamingos in their lagoon, trip to Tintoreas, to see the marine iguanas and white tipped reef sharks.

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Day four is day trip to Tuneles to see the blue footed boobies and snorkel with penguins and sea horses.

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Day five we return to the mainland via small plane to Baltra and jetliner to Guayaquil.

Planes for land based Galapagos tours