Galapagos Family Vacations

“It wasn’t so much that we got to experience the Galapagos as it was that there was a joy among the people and animals there to experience us!”

Advantages of the Galapagos family vacations we offer:

  • The educational value of actually seeing the variety of species that led to Darwin’s theory of evolution is a natural lead into an understanding of that theory.

Charles Darwin never dreamed of Galapagos family vacations

Kids posing with sea lion pup Galapagos family vacations

  • The visitor friendly environment of the pueblo is at once both particularly relaxing and culturally exciting with Galapagos family vacations.
  • There is practically no crime. The community is predominately Christian/Catholic. Crimes when they do occur are punished with at least banishment from the islands, a horrible fate. Also they understand how reliant they are on tourist dollars. Click here for more information about Galapagos.

Local kid with visitor Galapagos family vacations

  • The small town culture is such that everyone knows who everyone else is. You hop in a taxi here and say to whose house you want to go. In my first visit here twelve years ago, I got in a cab and tried to give directions. The cab driver told me, “You want to go to the house of Professor Albert with the open eyes?” (Professor Albert who sees everything)

smiling family Galapagos family vacation

  • May through December the climate is temperate. January through April it can get quite tropically warm though no worse than Los Angeles in the summer.

 The Smiths on a boat trip Galapagos family vacations
  • The seas are more often calm than not, water clear and warm.

Dinner with fisherman and his family, Galapagos family vacationsFishing with local fishermen Galapagos family vacations

Our Galapagos family vacations, with their attending guides give families options that are not available in other tours.

painting with local artists, Galapagos family vacations

  • We’re well connected with the local artists and their studio. You may be staying in the hotel where this studio exists. Often kids find the studio particularly enchanting and are pleased to spend hours there. Click here for more info on traveling with kids.

  • If little Sarah or mom come down with a cold or just need to rest, the tour is not only flexible, but comes with a helper/guide. Your guide can act as much or as little like a private tutor for your kids and family as you’d like. On the cruise tour guides often over see as many as thirty people.
    Local culture and food Galapagos family vacations

  • Your guide can help determine what activities are best suited to the weather, ocean conditions or physical condition of your family. Before you set out your guide will be sure the time is right, that you have proper foot and head gear, sun screen, that your carrying water, didn’t forget your camera or binoculars.

  • There are no venomous snakes, rabid panthers or malaria carrying mosquitoes. About the most dangerous thing that happens here is the temptation to quit your job in order to stay longer. Click here for photos of Galapagos sea life.

  • Overall, Ecuador is a safe, clean Latin American country. Ecuador uses the US dollar for its currency. There’s internet access at your hotel in Quito and on San Cristobal. Click here for travel tips.

  • With our guides, you just need to board the plane in the US. From your arrival to your departure, there will be someone there to be sure all goes well.

  • The basic tour cost for a child who sleeps in the room with their parent or guardian is very affordable.