Galapagos Hotels – Casa de Nelly

Casa de Nelly, San Cristobal, Galapagos

Casa de Nelly is one of the best Galapagos hotels The patio and hamocks are delightful at Casa de Nelly Galapagos hotels


True Hearted, Comfortable Stays.

At Casa de Nelly the rooms are similar to small furnished apartments, most with kitchen facilities and air conditioning (only needed Jan – March). There are two, two bedroom apartments, a few single bed and a couple double bed apartments.

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This is one of the few Galapagos hotels on San Cristobal within easy walking distance of several snorkel sites and beaches, the interpretation center and a series of trails that crisscross “Las Tierjetes” frigate bird hill where guests so inclined often jog. Click here for running in the Galapagos.

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Breakfasts are served in the family dining room with the family if you happen to be eating when they are. The family consists of Javier Agama, Nelly’s husband and her sons Roberto, Iban and Andres and daughter Annalea. Most of the food they serve at breakfast they grow on their small farm, eggs, fruit, etc. which is a unique feature of this type of Galapagos Hotels. Click here for Galapagos Photography.

Andres is the son of the woman who runs one of the Galapagos hotels Javier is the owner of one of the finest Galapagos hotels

You can contact them directly by writing Nelly at or Most of our visitors with Come to Galapagos happily stay with them while on San Cristobal.

Casa de Nelly owner Nelly Agama Come to Galapagos family vacations

Casa de Nelly was one of the first Bed and Breakfasts established on the island. Herself and Jackie Vasquez of Casa Blanca, two women took on the macho cabala of existing hotel owners who first resented that they should even have to be dealing with women as adversaries and second wanted to do everything in their power to stop the legalization of B&B’s as they feared these might take some of their business. This happened in 2001, a year when perhaps the most corrupt of governments was in power. The battles were fierce, the sakes high for the women. Nelly is happily married to a man who stood up for them time and again against what might otherwise have been a railroading of them out of meetings where the men, as was their perceived natural right were making the decisions. Click here for Galapagos history.
Av. Conocarpus
Puerto Villamil Galapagos EC200250
+593 5-252-9301