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We personally present the Galapagos Islands to our guests in customized, private Galapagos island tours. For our guests that means a flexibility of schedule (pick your dates and length of stay), access to opportunities very few visitors receive, small plane flights between islands, chartered boats, personal Galapagos National Park guide with local knowledge of where and when to be to experience the most intimate encounters with wildlife. Click here for more photos of sea lions.

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Choosing to travel with us is to be involved in the Galapagos. What you’ll see, learn and experience can not be offered any other way. We live here. We will receive and care for you. Our goal is simple: to develop sustainable economies here and better care for the environment while providing a superior level of service, attention to detail and experience for our guests. Plus, we’d like to share where we live with you, have a good time and open a place in your hearts where you can receive the Galapagos reality as it really exists. If we can’t accomplish that, at least you’ll come away with better stories and photos than most visitors.

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Start the process of developing your Galapagos/Ecuador trip by dropping us a line through our “contact us” page.

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Every group is slightly different with their dates and needs, group size, etc., but many groups follow a tour roughly like the itinerary and price quote pasted below. In the case of this family one of the kids was a big fan of drama/acting and it was her birthday so we set them up to see a play in the Colonial Theatre in Quito.


Come To Galapagos, LLC
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Palo Alto, CA. 94304
CST (California Seller of Travel) #2083876-40

Come To Galapagos, CIA. LTDA
RUC (Ecuadorean Business Lic.) #1792072298001

Ecuador Phones (in Ecuador)
Avenida de la Armada, Bario Frio, San Cristóbal, Galapagos
Office: 593-5-2521-251
Home: 593-5-2520-258
Cell: 593-5-0952102

Formal Itinerary and Price Quote prepared for ——-, Sept. 14, 2010.
11 day, family of 4 customized, private Galapagos and Quito tour June 2 through June 12, 2011. Revised dates 11/1/2010 to June 4 through June 14. Revised 11/18 to reflect purchase of travel insurance.



Hotel Patio Andaluz Galapagos Vacations

Blue footed boobie taking off Galapagos Family VacationsSat. June 4: International flight. Arrive from the US, typical arrival 9:00 PM. Limo. service receive guests outside of customs, and transfers them to Hotel Patio Andaluz, ( centrally located in Old Town (Colonial) Quito, charming patio style hotel, four stars, always rave reviews.

Quito Notes:
Airport transfers are conducted by our limo service. There will be four of them. One arriving from the US, will be waiting outside of customs for you. Two, Hotel to airport for flight to the Galapagos (the driver will be helping you with your Galapagos entry cards and getting your luggage checked), Three Returning from Galapagos airport to Hotel Radisson and Four, Hotel Radisson to International airport for your return to US.


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Your bilingual Quito guide will have been in contact with you by e-mail. She is very personable, knowledgeable with excellent English and will have a car and driver which are at your disposal for the entire two days while you’re on the continent. We did not include any food costs while in Quito to allow you options, though your breakfasts are included at the hotel. Neither did we account for entrance fees to museums etc. because we won’t know where you’ll want to go until you get there. You will need to pay for your guides food and entrance fees.

I have planned two days, one around seeing sites within the city, museums etc. that will end with a night at the theatre “Teatro Sucre”, the second an excursion outside of Quito to Papallacta Hot Springs below the Antisana Volcano. Besides the hot springs there are many other “local” sites to see, a trout farm that has a wonderful restaurant serving fresh trout Ecuadorean style and an Ostrich farm where you can goof around with the big birds, check out their bowling ball size eggs and buy some ostrich meat if you like, to name a couple. We are going to wait until we are sure what play is being put on at the Teatro Sucre” before we plan which activities you’ll be doing which days. For the sake of this itinerary though we’ll say Friday June 3 you’ll be heading up to the hot springs and Sat. June 4, you’ll tour the city and go to the theatre.
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Local guitar player Galapagos VacationsSun. June 5: Breakfast on the Patio in hotel. This day is spent on a “road trip” Ecuadorean style to visit the hot springs at Papallacta below the Antisana Volcano. On these kind of trips we put you in the hands of your Quito guide.

We have wonderful, bright, Come to Galapagos Island Vacationintelligent, knowledgeable guides working for us there. They will adapt the activities to suit yourselves. I suggest besides the hot springs a trout farm and or an ostrich farm that are out that way.

Attached below the quote section of this document is an excerpt from the friends and family letters we write every month. It talks about one afternoon we spent in that part of the country last March.


Come to Galapagos Travel Come to Galapagos Family Vacations Come to Galapagos Island Vacation


Local guitar player Galapagos VacationsMon. June 6: Tour of the city. Breakfast on the patio of your hotel. Again, we’ll put you in the hands of your very experienced guides to determine which sites you’ll want to visit.

One of my favorite museums is the Guayasamin Museum ( as it will inform as you to where those pictures you see in all the hotel rooms and all over Ecuador came from, also gives you a resent historical context. He was an inspirational man.


Come to Galapagos Travel Come to Galapagos

That night you’ll be going to the Teatro Sucre which is located a couple of blocks from the hotel where you’ll be staying.


Come to Galapagos Family Travel

Come to GalapagosTues. June 7: AM flight to San Cristobal. Limo service transports you to airport and assists with Galapagos entrance card. These cards cost $10 each. Remember that you will need $100 in cash for each person when entering the Galapagos. There are ATM machines at the airport. You’ll be met by myself and your Galapagos guide at the airport here. Check into Casa de Nelly, quick lunch and then off for your first snorkel “check out/test” to see if your equipment fits, how well you can snorkel etc.


Airline arrival Galapagos Family Vacations Family on beach Galapagos Vacations

Galapagos Notes:
Your bilingual Galapagos National Park guide will be available dawn to dusk June 5 through June 3 for whatever you may need. He/she has a thorough knowledge of the geology, biology, history, current status and gossip of the Galapagos, as well as the experience of living here and knows when and where to be in order to make the most of your time, whether it’s iguana watching, sunset viewing, snorkeling or hammock location. These are some of the nicest, most personable people you have ever met, are sensitive to the fact that this is your vacation and will be as unobtrusive as needed, when needed. Because this is your private tour there is a lot of inherent flexibility for energy levels or odd interests. You will be meeting us personally and should your guide need some help with something (extra help with a weak swimmer, for example) we are always available.

On San Cristobal you will be staying at Casa de Nelly, one of the first B&Bs here though the accommodations are more apartment like, first row of photos below. Your family will be in a two bedroom “suite” with a kitchenette and refrigerator. On Isabela at Casa de Marita, second row of photos below (we may have you in Hotel Iguana Crossing, bottom photo depending on availability). This tour is focused more toward adventure and exploration rather than shopping and fine dining, though you will be eating better than the vast majority of visitors here. Breakfasts are had at the hotel. All other meals are provided by the premier restaurants here, Miramar its award winning chef Santiago Teran. We mix and match a little on Isabela.

Come to Galapagos Family Travel Come to Galapagos Travel Come to Galapagos Vacations
Come to Galapagos Island Vacations
Casa de Marita
Come to Galapagos Family Vacations
Casa de Marita


Come to Galapagos Vacation
Iguana Crossing

Should anyone wish to, Salsa dancing is available some late nights at the local’s club where you’ll be the only gringos in the place and the locals will likely be buying drinks and showing youSnorkel instruction Galapagos Tours some steps.

It is entirely possible to snorkel every dawn and sunset with the sea life. Your guide has years of experience snorkeling with everyone from deep water free divers to complete novices. Most of them are certified Dive Masters.

Their goal is to be sure you enjoy all the riches of the Galapagos to the fullest and quite a few of those riches are to be found underwater.

Wed. June 8: AM Marine Iguana and Sea Turtle Quest. You’ll head out to a near by cove where you will very likely see marine iguanas and sea lions on the beach and rocks and will likely snorkel with sea lions and sea turtles.


Come to Galapagos Island Vacation       Come to Galapagos Island Family Vacations
These are photos of our son at age two. He’s reaching for a marine iguana in the one photo which is technically a no-no.

Come to Galapagos Family Vacation      Come to Galapagos
At the particular cove where you will be when the tide is medium and going out the sea turtles often post up on the bottom to allow the sucker fish to clean their shells. They go into a kind of trance and you can dive down hang onto a rock and stare them in the face for as long as you can hold your breath. Low tide on June 6, 2011 is at 11:47 AM.

June 8 PM: Fish with locals. This is a trip out with the local fishermen where they’ll explain/discuss how they fishedCome to Galapagos Vacation in the past, what’s happened to the fisheries, what’s happening now and then you’ll go catch some fish for the night’s meal which you will have with the fisherman’s family. We were pioneers in developing this fishing with locals program with the National Park. The commercial fishermen must give up their commercial fishing license irrevocably to be able to have the license to take visitors out fishing. For the environment this means instead of harvesting thousands of fish a year to survive, they only harvest hundreds, all of which are eaten here thus also reducing the carbon footprint of importing or exporting food. For the fishermen themselves this allows them direct contact with people from outside the Galapagos (one of our “hearts” is sponsoring a fisherman’s son to study in the US) and for our visitors it allows them a glimpse into a different life style and a first hand account of the history of life in the Galapagos.

Fishing with locals Galapagos Vacations Tonight's dinner Galapagos Family Vacations Dining with local fisherman Galapagos Tours Hand line fishing Galapagos Tours

Sea lion with sand Galapagos VacationsThur. June 9: All day chartered boat trip to tip of the island and islets. Snorkeling with sharks, rays, turtles and sea lions.

Visit nesting grounds of Frigate Birds, Pelicans, Boobies, Tropical birds, etc. Roam gorgeous, deserted, pristine beaches that could make travel posters cry.


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Typical morning, Galapagos
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10 year old with sea turtle just beyond reach



Islet Galapagos Island Tours Water transportation Galapagos Vacations Close up of islet Galapagos Family Vacations



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Sea iguana eating underwater
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Swimming with sea lions
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Friendly and curious sea lion pup


Giant tortoise frowning Galapagos VacationsFri. June 10: All day tour of the far side of the island: Commune with the Giant Tortoises in their reserve, visit the local farms where much of the food provided is grown, bananas, bamboo, papaya, guavas etc. People are often surprised at how entertaining this visit actually is. Visit Puerto Chino (pristine isolated beach) and El Junco, the highest elevation on the island and volcano crater now filled with water.

We have also been pioneering a program with local farmers to purchase produce from them. The town has grown accustomed to purchasing its produce from the continent where the large corporate farms can afford to grow, ship the produce and sell for a price that has made farming here a non profitable enterprise. We know generally months in advance how many people are coming and can go to the farmers and tell them on this date we are going to need X number of tomatoes, lettuce, etc. Many of these crops they can plant and grow knowing they will have a secure market for them.

Giant tortoise walking Galapagos Family Vacations Giant tortoise running Galapagos Tours Giant tortoise looking Galapagos Island Tours
Come to Galapagos Family Vacation Come to Galapagos Island Vacation Clients together with farmer's in the rain Galapagos Family Vacations


Sea lions running Galapagos ToursSat. June 11: Early morning travel to Isabela Island. This involves a short inter island plane flight. The flight is very scenic and an opportunity few tourists receive to view the Galapagos Islands from the air. The plane lands in Puerto Villamil, Isabela where you will check into Casa de Marita or Hotel Iguana Crossing.

Small airline Galapagos Island Tours Come to Galapagos Flamingos on beach Galapagos Tours

Your hotel (both) fronts a long sand beach where occasionally flamingos can be seen wading in the surf. Sometimes weather, energy levels or constantly changing flight schedules play a part in how your time on Isabela shakes out. You have essentially two full days with your guide on Isabela. You will likely hike to a volcano, Sierra Negra, see the tortoise breeding station, lunch at a private tortoise farm, Campo Duro, be stalking flamingos, penguins and marine iguanas. You will have a chartered boat trip to Shark Island where sharks can be seen “sleeping” from above and where there is a wonderful snorkel site a short distance away. It is just hard to plan which you’ll be doing when until you arrive. 

Come to Galapagos Vacations Come to Galapagos Island Vacation Come to Galapagos Travel

Come to Galapagos IslandsSun. June 12: As mentioned above we’re taking a flexible approach to your time on Isabela.

The ability to do this is unique among Galapagos tour operators who are forced to follow strict itineraries dictated by the “packaged” (canned) tours they market.

Isabela beach Galapagos Family Vacations Flamingos thinking Galapagos Island Tours Free roaming giant tortoise Galapagos Vacations


Come to Galapagos Vacations
My son stalking iguanas
Come to Galapagos
Penguins in front of hotel on Isabela

Pelican taking flight Galapagos Family VacationsMon. June 13: Return flight to Quito via Baltra. Small air plane will fly you to Baltra. You’ll be able to see several islands from the air. AtCome to Galapagos Baltra you’ll catch your connecting flight to Quito. You’ll be received by limo service in Quito and taken to the Radisson. People are generally tired and appreciate more familiar type hotel amenities. It is also closer to the airport.

Come to Galapagos Family VacationsTues. June 14: International Flight. Limo service takes you to airport for your flight home with tons of photos, smiles on your faces and hopefully a place in your hearts for Ecuador and the Galapagos.



Come To Galapagos, LLC
986 Laurel Glen
Palo Alto, CA. 94304
CST (California Seller of Travel) #2083876-40

Come To Galapagos, CIA. LTDA
RUC (Ecuadorean Business Lic.) #1792072298001

Ecuador Phones (in Ecuador)
Avenida de la Armada, Bario Frio, San Cristóbal, Galapagos
Office: 593-5-2521-251
Home: 593-5-2520-258
Cell: 593-5-0952102

Formal Itinerary and Price Quote prepared for ——-, Sept. 14, 2010.

11 day, family of 4 customized, private Galapagos and Quito tour June 2 through June 12, 2011. Revised dates 11/1/2010 to June 4 through June 14. Revised 11/18 to reflect purchase of travel insurance.

This quote does not include any of the food costs or site entrance fees for the group or their guide while in Quito. It does include hotels and airport transfers, guide and van for two days in Quito. Breakfasts are included at the hotels.

Please be sure to have read and understand “Terms and Conditions” available on our web site Sending a deposit to Come To Galapagos, LCC is an acknowledgement of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Included In This Quote:

  • Airport transfers for four June 4, 7, 13 and 14
  • Three nights, two adjoining rooms one matrimonial and one triple June 4, 5 and 6 Hotel Patio Andaluz (
  • Quito guide with van June 5 and 6 (note, not included food nor site entrance fees for group or guide while in Quito)
  • Round trip air for five between Quito and Galapagos. Quito-San Cristobal June 7 and Baltra-Quito June 13
  • Galapagos National Park Guide completely at your disposal dawn to dusk while in the Galapagos June 7 through 13
  • All ground transportation while in the Galapagos
  • 4 nights two bedroom apartment with kitchen facilities and matrimonial suite and matrimonial “suite” for parents. Casa de Nelly San Cristobal June 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • All day chartered boat tour to islets, San Cristobal (see details in itinerary) June 9
  • Fishing with locals for four June 8
  • All day tour of the tortoise reserve and remote farms on the far side of the island (see details in itinerary) June 10
  • Inter islands flights for 5 plus guide San Cristobal-Isabela June 11 and Isabela-Blatra June 13 (Note luggage restriction, 25 lbs. per person)
  • Two nights, two adjoining rooms one matrimonial and one double June 11 and 12 Casa de Marita or Hotel Iguana Crossing on Isabela (Note- triple occupancy for kids if there are three)
  • All day tours of Isabela, volcanoes, penquins, flamingos etc. with chartered boat trip to see shark island June 11 and 12
  • Unlimited snorkeling, exploring, surfing, animal watching, swimming with the help of your guide
  • Snorkel equipment for four while in the Galapagos
  • One night, two adjoining rooms one matrimonial and one triple June 13 (

Not Included In This Quote:
International air fare, Park and airport taxes ($110-park, $15-Isabela airport and $42-international airport), Food costs and site entrance fees while on the continent, alcoholic beverages and tips.

Formal Itinerary and Price Quote Prepared For ———, Sept. 14, 2010.

11 day, family of 4 customized, private Galapagos and Quito tour June 2 through June 12, 2011. Revised dates 11/1/2010 to June 4 through June 14 Revised 11/18 to reflect purchase of travel insurance + $749.84.

For group of 5 $16,900 + Ins. $749.84 = $17,650 minus received on deposit $2,500 = net due before April 4 $15,150

Deposit $500 per person.

We can begin making reservations upon receipt of deposits.

Deposits and payments can be made in one of three ways:

  • Sending a check to our office in the US, made out to Come To Galapagos, LLC. Address:
    Come To Galapagos, LLC
    986 Laurel Glen
    Palo Alto, CA 94304
  • Or funds may be deposited directly into our business checking account with BBVA Compass Bank, 31740 Railroad Canyon Rd., Canyon Lake CA 92587 routing #321170538 account #3807344647
  • Or in order to pay by PayPal, funds can be deposited into the account of

Travel Health and cancellation insurance can be issued at our cost through I Travel Insured.

Please be sure to have read and understand “Terms and Conditions” available on our web site Sending a deposit to Come To Galapagos, LCC is an acknowledgement of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Payment in full is due sixty days prior to departure. April 4, 2011

Be sure to read and understand our cancellation policy, your rights as travel consumers and our obligations as a “seller of travel”. In short one of our obligations is to hold your travel funds in a trust account until you’ve completed your trip. We can use funds as needed to purchase plane flights or make deposits on services. Our trust account is with Guaranty Bank Woodside CA.

Thank you for traveling with Come To Galapagos, LLC. We look forward to seeing you here.

Siempre Amor,
Rick and Bere