Kid’s Galapagos Scavenger Hunt

Kid’s Galapagos Scavenger Hunts

It’s Biology, Geology, History, Geography In The World’s Most Famous Living Laboratory


Families or small groups compete against each other while on a land based tour of five Galapagos Islands. First prize is a free pass for one person on a future Galapagos tour. These are private tours, each family or group has their own Galapagos National Park Guide, chartered boat tours and private day tours throughout the Galapagos. Pricing varies depending on group or family size, but for a family of six, $2,725 per person (excluding air fares). Tour dates:
June 23  to July 2, 2017
July 21 to 30, 2017 
Aug. 18 to 27, 2017

Sign up early, availability is limited. More information about tour and hunt click here or see below and or write us on our usual contact form click here.


Samples of items to be “scavenged”:

-Find (photo and name) the land creature that lives the longest

-Find (photo and name) the reptile that feeds underwater

-Find (photo and name )Prominent feature which differentiates seals and sea lions



These tours are designed Friday through Sunday so that parents will need miss only one week of work. The itinerary goes like this:

Day one- arrival Guayaquil, Ecuador. International flights arranged by guests. Stay at Wyndham hotel Guayaquil. For a more detailed itinerary click here.

Sea Lion portraitDay Two- Arrival San Cristobal, Galapagos. Met at airport by personal Galapagos National Park guide. Check into Casa de Nelly, welcome lunch and then off to fish with locals. Dinner at fisherman’s house that night.

Day Three- Boat trip to Isla de Lobos, snorkel with sea life, nesting boobies and Frigate birds.

Day Four- All day tour of far side of the island, giant tortoise breeding center, el Junco, lunch at local farm.

IMG_0606editDay Five- Small plane flight to Isabela, check into Casa de Marita, visit Isla Tintoreas.

Day Six- Boat trip to Tuneles.

Day  Seven- Hike active volcano Sierra Negra.

Day Eight- Early AM bot trip to Santa Cruz Island, check into hotel Deja Vu, tour highlands of Santa Cruz (lava tubes and wild giant tortoises).

Our Galapagos tours provide close encounters with iguanas and other exotic animal lifeDay Nine- Return to Guayaquil and Wyndham hotel.

Day Ten- Return US.