HAM Radio Galapagos

The HAM Radio Galapagos station was built in 1998, is located approximately 100 kilometers south of the equator, 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador and sits on top of a mountain 650 meters above sea level.

Ham Radio Station in operation Galapagos



The facility sleeps fifteen comfortably, has seven bedrooms, six bathrooms and a 400 sq. ft. dining/common area. We are currently working on designing tours and stays, but as is normal for us we are also open to private customized visits. Click here for contact info.

Ham radio Galapagos Antennas in action


We will be getting you more technical information soon, but for the time being you can see the five large beam antennas, there are amplifiers on site, so bring your radio and lets get talking on HAM Radio Galapagos!

dinind room at the Ham Radio Galapagos station

Please write us with any questions. For more information on HAM Radios please click here.