My name is Juan Carlos Zambonino. I´m originally from Galapagos and grew up on Santa Cruz island. A love of nature and a deep passion for outdoor activities have always been a part of my life.

I received a degree in Eco-tourism and dedicate my life to working as a Surf Instructor, Photographer, SCUBA Diver, and Naturalist Guide. 

Living in the Galapagos, I am surrounded by some of the most amazing creatures and landscapes in the world. Ever since I was little, I have had a desire to share my life on the islands and my passions for life here with visitors. I am a real native (Galapagueño), so I know the best places to explore, taste local food with local ingredients, and I have great knowledge about history, culture, and adventures, since I have been working as a Naturalist Guide around the islands for the past nine years. 

Please contact me and ask for any advice about the trip you are planning. I want to make sure you have the best experience while you are here and you´re able to bring the most amazing, unforgettable memories from the Galapagos back home with you.


Juan Zambonino 

  • Floreana Island – Devil’s Crown


  • Cotopaxi


Jorge, Is part of the “Come To Galapagos” Family based in Quito City, he is our right hand man and main contact in Mainland Ecuador, Extremely knowledgeable about his land, he has become a very important part of the Real Experience. You will meet him and enjoy his company once you arrived to Quito City at the airport.

My name is Jorge, I live in Quito City, I’m very Knowledgeable and an excellent driver, very please to help you with transfers, city tours, take you around old town and share with you some of the attractions such as the equator line, the culture and cuisine in Ecuador and more.





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